BEND Hot Yoga  Prescott
Bend don't break

"The most benefit comes from practicing three times per week. At Bend, we invite you to commit to yourself,
commit to your practice, commit to the belief that your practice can and will change your life."

Come join us at our state of the art hot yoga studio

434 W Goodwin St Prescott, AZ 86303(click here for map)
2 Blocks West of the Square on Goodwin

Feel stress melting off of you like so many beads of perspiration 
Hot Yoga is a master tool for stress reduction and management

Imagine 60-90 minutes devoted exclusively to you
Here you will find the space in your hot yoga practice to cultivate the self gifts of balance, peace, connection, and well-being leaving each session with a feeling of accomplishment

Envision a more vibrant and youthful body and mind
Regular practice at Bend Hot Yoga Prescott will facilitate the toning, flexibility, and energy you desire

Realize a deep sense of connection in a supportive community
 This is at the core of our mission at your hometown hot yoga studio

Do you think this impossible to find?
We couldn't find it here we created it.

Welcome to BEND Hot Yoga Prescott where athletically challenging meets
spiritually satisfying in your personal wellness sanctuary.

 Click here for a video tour of our studio

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