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by -Katie McDaniel on Bend Hot Yoga

Bend Hot Yoga is my sanctuary in Prescott. I leave practice feeling like gooey goodness and sleep like a baby. Their yoga classes are a necessary balance to other areas of my life like training for a half marathon, driving in my car, and chasing 2nd graders around garden club. I feel endless gratitude towards the loving Bend community and the karma yoga program.

by - Ann Schwab on Bend Hot Yoga

As a latecomer to Yoga I have been able take a variety of classes at Bend and succeed in building strength and becoming more flexible. Thank goodness for the variety; I am a Mixed practice lover but the Rejuvenation class has been like a therapy session. All those aches and pains of the week melt away while any of the BEND instruction team gets us to stretch and relax those joints and muscles. Better than physical therapy and I can when I want!

by - Elaine Barnes on Bend Hot Yoga

As a vegan, retired nurse in my seventies with physical health issues that are typical for my profession, I very much value Hot Bend Yoga for many reasons.The comprehensive exercises enable me to achieve and maintain a high level of core strength to avert the need for frequent visits to my Chiropractor. Hygiene is very important to me; and so I value the attention to detail in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. While in retirement I value the social aspect of meeting with like-minded people who enjoy the the camaraderie of a common purpose.The quality of teaching and the empathy of the teachers is second to none.

by ​-Jill Brown on Bend Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is my THING. I've practiced at BEND before they actually opened. I'm 64, work full time at the hospital working with patients to improve their strength and mobility. Yoga has been my personal link to flexibility, balance, strength and relaxation. I share yoga daily with my patients and at classes I teach to people with Parkinson's Disease. Paying it forward BEND!

by - Tina Tschida and Kyle Weirauch on Bend Hot Yoga

Bend Hot Yoga has given us the ability to slow down and appreciate life. We have found our inner calm to be able to just let things go that don't matter. We have met great friends and have become part of the Bend community. This has helped us to build our self confidence and to thrive. We highly recommend it to anyone struggling with high levels of stress or anxiety.

by - Allan Woodruff on Bend Hot Yoga

"After two hip replacements, I can say that yoga is critical to my physical health. And being retired from being a workaholic, it's critical to my psychological and spiritual health. The wonderful folks at Bend Yoga deliver the complete package in an attractive clean studio that invites one illuminating session after another."

by -Ayaka Komori on Bend Hot Yoga

"BEND changed my life; I gained more self-control and self-reliance than ever before. Before I knew BEND, I was not sure how I could maintain the balance between my body and mind, which made me difficult to stay calm and positive, being constantly influenced by the dynamic environment I lived in. Through the unique yoga practice at BEND, I have learned the power of deep breathing with movement. It helps me clarify my mind and reminds me the non-force/ non-violence concept: accepting the current situation and appreciating each moment of individual soul, knowing that all shall be well. This sense of security and peace is increasing in my life thanks to the lessons and models that I experienced and witnessed at BEND. I appreciate all the staff members, yogis, and karmis whose presence reminds me of the joy of life!"

by - Claire Louge on Bend Hot Yoga

"I used to dread exercise - It was something I forced myself to do because it was "healthy." After joining Bend, I realized that exercise didn't have to be a chore- it could be a meaningful experience; a gift to myself; and a way to strengthen my body, mind and soul. I also love being a part of the positive, compassionate and supportive community at Bend."

by - Danielle Schwenker on Bend Hot Yoga

"Since July 2014 I have attended Bend Hot Yoga studio. I love Bend because it feels like home every time I go there. It's becomes a place where if I'm having a bad day, I attend class and my day instantly turns around because everyone is so welcoming and kind. Plus, I love the feeling of gratification after I have practiced. I feel cleansed, refreshed and ready to conquer anything!"