BPedal Spin Studio

Welcome to BPedal Spin Studio, where fitness on a bike is an experience, not just a workout.


You’re invited to a party — one that makes you sweat among the most extraordinary light show and beats ever! The music, the lights, they take you somewhere else, and the friends you find there share stories with you that, when you tell others, they just have to see it to believe it. Our state of the art spin studio is fitness on a bike like you’ve never known, an unparalleled experience for the Prescott area. (We will also have a refreshments bar, yasss!)


We know you want to learn more… Join us for our Grand Opening on March 2 (more details to come). Pssst! Be sure to save the date. Tell your friends; spread the word.


This new, non-heated studio is separate from our 434 Goodwin Street location and isn’t a part of our remodel to STUDIOs A and B. You will find BPedal Spin Studio at 537 6th Street, Suite B, Prescott, AZ 86301!


In the meantime, get excited with us, and peep the video below.