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  • State-of-the-art heat, humidity, lighting, and sound
    - The only yoga studio in northern Arizona with radiant heating panels
  • Full shower and changing facilities for both women and men
  • Eight distinct Hot Yoga practices including heated and non-heated classes. Ranging from upbeat and challenging to relaxed and deepening.
  • Retail section featuring - Yoga Clothing and Accessories
level 1

heat level 1

Perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Within these classes you can make and adjust your own resistance.

level 2

heat level 2

Good for beginners and advanced practitioners. Incorporates strength and cardio.

level 3

heat level 3

Challenges your fitness level. Incorporates high cardio and optional weights.


Would you rather do yoga in a cold frigid environment or a warm comfortable room? Heating the studio allows your muscles to warm up and become more pliable as you move throughout your practice. We are not in the business of providing a room that feels overbearing and overwhelming. Our studio offers a healthy radiant heat that is solely meant to enhance your practice. 90% of our clients who initially feel that they cannot do “Hot Yoga” find themselves coming back for more. We encourage you to have an open mind and give it a try! You will love it (we promise)!